Flowmeter chambers and valve control

Technicial Specifications


  1. Designing, Planning, Field Surveying, Excavation and Soil Investigation DMA Room and Valve Rooms Design
  2. Concrete Segment Sealing
  3. Paint and Coating
  4. Room Promotion and Caution Plates
  5. Drainage and Evacuation


  1. Concrete Segment Sealing
  2. Room Cover
  3. Equipment Auxiliary Profile Rail (Monorail)
  4. Stairs,
  5. Tube Foot Holder
  6. Pipe Pass
  7. Floor Grates
  8. Drainage System


  1. Cable channel
  2. Energy Production System
  3. Lighting
  4. Gas Alarm
  5. Communication and Device Panel
  6. Ventilation Equipment
  7. Water Drain Pump
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Features and Technical Specifications