Front Water Breaker for Pipe Buoyancy

Front Water Breaker for Pipe Buoyancy

This is a water splitting equipment that can be attached to the front of the pipe to attract and float the pipes on the sea and lake surface.

The water breaker front cone allows the pipe drawn by the sea trailer to be guided on the water surface and progressed quickly.

Specially designed for each diameter.

The water-tight tapered piece mounted on the pipe front is made of steel.

It is specially designed for pipe type and type.

There is a protective EPD seal between the conical structure and the pipe in order to prevent the metal structure from damaging the pipe wall.

Pipe front cone is produced with hot dip galvanized.

The cone is mounted to the pipe drawer by means of easy to pass and screwing to the pipe pre-clamp.

Pipe traction can be carried out from the front of the cone.

It has mechanical metal structure. It is suitable for use with pipe pull clamp and pipe inner plug.

It allows the pipe to be transported by sea and lake surface by means of a suitable marine vehicle.

Suitable for the transport of steel pipes, PE pipes, HDPE Pipes etc..

Features and Technical Specifications