Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machine

Pipe Cutting/ Beveling Machine

  1. This machine is a pipe cutting and beveling machine.
  2. It is a high performance hydraulic machine and it is very simple to use.
  3. Its speed can be adjustable according to wall thicknesses.
  4. It has a wide pipe range to work.
  5. It has a long life even in continuous process and operations.
  6. Mechanical structure is good and sensitivity is high.
  7. This machine is also suitable for cutting and beveling of pipes that which wall thickness are big.
  8. This machine is simple and easy to use. Remote control is available.
  9. Can perform the desired operation and can be fed automatically.
  10. Suitable for pipes that have diameter 25mm – 5000mm. For Cutting and beveling pipe wall thickness can be: 4.00mm-50.00mm
  11. It is safe for pipe cutting, beveling.
  12. Energy Supply is 220V AC-24V DC.

Pipe Cutting And Bevelling Machine

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