Pipeline Equipments / Pipe Welding Clamps

Pipeline Equipment / Pipe Welding Clamps

  1. Pipe Welding Clamps are the indispensable equipments for welding operators.
  2. No need more operator for alignment, constructing and to create intermediate distance for weldingof fittings or pipes. Great convenience during installation.
  3. Using pipe welding clamps do not damage the pipe surface or coating during pipe installation.
  4. Eliminates the sagging of the welding flows (nozzles) into the pipe due to its correct alignment.
  5. Pipe misalignments and welding nozzles cause rapid erosion of the pipes and loss of energy in terms of flow.
  6. Welding clamps create precise alignment by printing and contacting at multiple points.
  7. Has technical structure that can be adjusted according to the pipe diameter
  8. The main body is made of steel.
  9. Are suitable for pipes which wall thicknesses are between 1mm and 50mm.
  10. These clamps are simple, lightweight, effective.

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