Yangın Ekipmanları


The grooved-end piping system is the most versatile, economical and reliable piping system available. It is faster to install than welded systems, while providing unique design versatility. There are a variety of coupling sizes and styles for almost any piping application. Their couplings provide designers with versatility not found with other pipe-joining methods and can be combined to allow for thermal growth within the system. Additionally, the use of three consecutive flexible couplings reduces noise and vibration while eliminating costly specialty noise dampeners. The system is designed for roll-grooved or cut-grooved standard pipe or roll-grooved light wall pipe. A complete line of grooving tools are available to quickly and efficiently groove pipe in the shop or at the job site.

• Black water                                                           • Waste water
• Chilled water                                                        • Vacuum systems
• Condensate water                                               • Sea water
• Fire sprinkler systems (wet and dry)              • LP air
• Fresh water                                                         • Hydraulic
• Grey water

Threaded Mechanical Tee

Grooved Flexible Coupling

Grooved End Cup With Plug

Grooved Reduction Tee

U-Bolt Mechanical Tee

Grooved Flange

Grooved Mechanical Tee

Grooved Rigid Coupling

Grooved Elbow 45°

Grooved Flange Adaptor

Grooved Reduction

Grooved Tee

Grooved Elbow 90°

Grooved Fitting Cross Joint

Grooved Reduction Coupling