Askılı Boru Taşıma Ekipmanı

Roller Cradle

In big oil, gas, water pipelines projects, in the combined pipelines, steel rope pulleys with I and H block design are used to lower the pipes in to the channel.
The block structure and roller cradles have a unique design to support the lifting of combined pipelines and lifting machines.
Roller cradle systems support the pipe in a cradle manner and prevent damage to the pipe coating.
The cradles are covered with polyethylene to prevent the risk of damage to the pipe surface they are in contact with.
Roller cradles are easy to dismantle for the field.
Owing to their unique design, these systems can be quickly dismantled for transport and storage.
Each cradle is created taking into account the largest pipe diameter. For pipe sizes 6 to 56, various cradle assemblies can be provided with the respective change cylinders.
Various cradle assemblies are available for pipe sizes from 6 ”(168mm) to 60” (1524mm).
Designed load capacity ensures safe transport of the pipe.
Intermittent multiple urethane to evenly support the pipe and avoid the “ovality” problem.
During the advance of the roller carriage system, the advancement of the welding seams formed on the surface of the pipe by means of springs on the apparatus is made without any problem.
The point where the loading rope hangs uses a spring suspension system which absorbs and distributes the load of the conveyed material, greatly reducing the stress on the rollers and support structure of the idlers.


Technicial Specifications


  • Carrier main body has I and H design.
  • Wide crane hook entry DIN 15401
  • Rope layout with grid
  • Rope holder latches
  • Steel supporting ropes
  • Balancers
  • Suspension Springs
  • Movable rollers with rubber coating.
  • Steel rope tie locks.
  • Roller Cradle’s body is made of metal pipe.
  • Rope housing locking screws
  • Motion pulleys, suspension springs, rope stabilizers and steel rope locks
  • The wheels located at the pipe contact points of the reels placed on steel rope are coated with Polyurethane/Vulkolan.
    Owing to hangers; TP, TPP, HDPE, STEEL and RTP type pipes can be installed anywhere easily and quickly without cutting.
  • Phosphorus warning tape
  • The balanced and adjustable structure provides ease of use in various pipe diameters.
  • The building modules are Ø 168 mm to Ø 1524 mm in diameter.
  • Main body capacity; Lifting capacity from 10 tons to 120 tons.
Planteknik Roller Cradle Production Models

Features and Technical Specifications