Pipe Joint Test Machine

Pipe Joint Test Machine


For pipelines in long-distance or pipes laid in short-distance pipelines, companies perform various applications to assemble or repair pipelines at the best level of joining.

Such machines can be used for oil, gas and water pipelines.

Testing the joints of long pipelines and large pipe diameters is costly and very laborious.

Due to the large volume and length of the pipelines, the tests are time consuming. In addition to high cost and time loss; high amounts of liquid or gas are required to perform the pressure test. However, the pumped liquid or gas consumes a lot of energy.

Conducting joint sealing and pressure testing; in particular, it is difficult to verify the tightness of the pneumatic waste transport pipes and the pressure test of the connection points where the pipelines are long.

This system creates a pressure test at the joints of the pipes in the laid pipeline. The pipe joint test robot is the easiest and most cost-effective method for pneumatically testing the tightness of the connection points of pipes in the pipeline and also it is a completely new solution that avoids the problems of previous technical solutions.

Automatic Machine For Pipe Joint Test Machine
MAnuel Machine For Pipe Joint Test Machine