Fit up Clamps

Fit up Clamp


In pipelines; pipe alignment clamps should be used in order to make pipe connections in the best way and in the shortest time.

Suitable for use in open field, construction site, factory, workshop; ergonomic, robust and lightweight tools. Holds your pipe at an angle of 120 degrees to hold it from 3 positions. pipe, elbow, welding neck flange, Te, reduction, cap and etc. type is used for the correct alignment and assembly of intermediate fittings and branch elements.

External fit up clamps increase the performance of the water flow rate when used in connection of the pipes. Reduces labor cost during assembly. Prevents pipe, fittings and branch elements from being damaged during assembly. Fit up clamps, minimize installation errors. Adjustable for precise mountage feature simplifies the installation operator’s work. Resistant to welding effect temperature during installation. Reduces installation time by 90%. Does not take up much space in the installation site.

Ergonomically designed for easy and quick use. The ease of use and light weight of the apparatus makes it quick to move and suitable for all areas and makes it easy to use.

Due to their mechanical structure, these clamps may remain fixed on the pipe for a long time before installation.

For stainless and coated pipes, it is recommended to use special contact pressure series.


Technical Specifications

  • The pressure force can be easily adjusted manually. Eliminates the need for second personnel during assembly and creates precise alignment at 3 points.
  • General adjustment consists of 1 + 3 + 1 point. You can fix the mechanism with a single movement after alignment.
  • Locking nuts for adjustment are suitable for manual locking. Fine adjustment screws are available for fast assembly.
  • Pipe alignment during installation free to fasten your clamp between 0 and 360 degrees
  • Can be used in coated pipes. It is recommended to use pipes with pipe wall thicknesses between 1 mm and 8mm.
  • The block parts are easy to separate and the block parts are replaceable.
  • The main body of this versatile handy tool consists of a double-walled steel plate.
  • Our products are manufactured using precision Laser Technology and CNC technology.
  • All moving parts on the Fit up Clamp are electro galvanized against welding splash.
  • Precision alignment screws are steel and chrome plated, butterfly stop, Bakelite handle.

These products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Fit-up clamp

Fit-up clamp

External-Fit-Up-Clamps-planteknik (2)
Welding pipe to pipe
Welding pipe Tee
Welding pipe to elbow

Planteknik Fit up Production Models


Pipe size


Pipe size


Force application​​ 

Force shape

Package sizes





PBKK 1-2

Ø 33,4 - ​​ Ø 60,3

1'' - 2''

trapezoidal screw

three points


PBKK 2-6

Ø 60,3 - Ø 168,3

2'' - 6''

trapezoidal screw

three points


PBKK 8-12

Ø 219,1 - Ø 323,9

8'' - 12''

trapezoidal screw

three points


PBKK 12-14

Ø 323,9- Ø 355,6

12'' - 14''

trapezoidal screw

three points


PBKK 14-16

Ø 355,6 - Ø 406,4

14'' - 16''

trapezoidal screw

three points


Features and Technical Specifications

These goods are sold dual.