Manuel Boru İç Hizalama Kelepçesi

  1. The mechanical internal pipe clamp is an outward opening mechanism designed to apply a radial force through the pipe.
  2. During the welding of the pipe; it allows the two pipe ends to be connected, aligned and the pipes are held in the same axis.
  3. This mechanism is consists of two independent force mechanisms driven by two double acting pistons.
  4. The internal radial force given to the cylinders creates a force against the outside which allows the mechanism to move radially in a linear manner and the alignment is formed.
  5. This clamp makes its movement in the pipe manually.
  6. Clamps can be used to lay thousands of kilometers of pipelines even in the most difficult terrain.
  7. All models can operate on terrain slopes and special production is made for different terrain conditions.
  8. These models are suitable for pipes that which pipe thickness is up to 10mm.

Features and Technical Specifications