Boru içi Boyama Robotu

In-Pipe Painting Robots


  • It can prepare the surface before the paint by making the video progress through the pipe and by removing the unwanted corrosion and welding burrs at the welded joint points by mechanical cleaning with a high speed system on the robot.
  • It can remove the surface dusts from the prepared surface simultaneously with the compressed air.
  • Paint application in the system; With the special equipment installed on the robot, you can apply various types of paint types in the pipe and you can apply the paint thickness in the desired micron. You can use chemical paint applications.
  • Paint and hardener tanks on the system are in separate containers.
  • The paint application is applied to the inner surface of the pipe through a special pressure nozzle.
  • The system has an alarm which can be set to freeze in special paints.
  • The equipment against flammable and combustible gases in paint applications by adding solvent-based and thinner structure is Ex-proof.
  • You can create point perspective with in-tube lighting and laser point system.
  • You can check the pipelines for inspection and solution in the pipeline through the pipe with on line camera system.
  • Can record all your camera views.
  • In-pipe length distance measurement can be performed.
  • Paint thickness can be measured.
  • Internal control distance is 500 m

Features and Technical Specifications