Tır Üstü Boru Taşıma Sehpası

Pipe Raiser

Specially designed for truck and trailer transport.

These equipment are designed for the safe transport of heavy pipe loads.

We have created a secure system that can be easily installed in trucks, trucks, train cars and long vehicles.

It is a idle system for the transport of large diameter pipes.

Slipable bottom sliding wedges are steel, wedge pipe contact surface is EPDM.

The contact surface of the wedges is 15 mm. Rubber coated.

45 degree steel material.

Steel Connection Fixing Pins.

The main frame of the equipment is steel.



Pipe Carrying Capacity is 28.000 Kg.

It has 50’’, 52 ”, 54”, 56 ”, 58”, 60 ”pipe carrying capacity.



Electrostatic min 80-100 micron powder painted.

Features and Technical Specifications