Deniz için Boru Ekipmanları


Special design equipments are required for transporting large diameter pipes on the surface of the water by a sea trailer.

These equipments can be used in sea, lake and rivers

They are designed according to pipe type, pipe length and pipe tonnage that will be carried on sea.

These  allows multiple pipes to be transported and pipes can be transported without damage to each other.

The apparatuses are mechanically mounted in the tube, pipe wall and pipe without any damage.

Pipe Handling Equipments can be reused with high durability.

It is used in hot or cold weather conditions.

Equipments for sea, lake and rivers for pipeline transport;

  • Front pipe nose cone (water splitting)
  • Pipe inner plug
  • Front pipe outer clamp
  • Pipe Alignment Jointing Clamp
  • Pipe Back Clamp.

Float end in marine pipe

Pipe Pull Clamp For Use In Water

Pipe Plug To Carry Pipe In Water