Hydraulic Cage Clamp

Hydraulic Cage Clamp

  1. Hydraulic Cage Clamp


    In pipelines; pipe alignment clamps should be used in order to make pipe connections in the best way and in the shortest time. Suitable for use in all areas; construction site, factory, workshop etc. And they are ergonomic, robust and lightweight tools. Multi-point contact with your pipe to hold the cage from the position. Is used for the correct alignment and assembly of additive parts; pipe, elbow, welding neck flange, Te, reduction, cap, intermediate fittings and branch elements.

    Hydraulic Cage Clamp improves the water flow performance when used during installation. Hydraulic alignment clamps improve the performance of the water flow rate when used in the pipe fitting connection. Reduces labor cost during assembly. Prevents pipe, fittings and branch elements from being damaged during assembly. Provides precise alignment with multi-point pipe-to-pipe contact.

    Due to their mechanical structure, these clamps may remain temporarily on the pipe under pressure of hydraulic force during installation.

    For stainless and coated pipes, it is recommended to use special contact pressure series.

    Hydraulic Cage Clamp

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