Pneumatic Internal Pipe Clamp

Pneumatic Internal Pipe Clamp

Pneumatic Internal Pipe Clamp

  • Pneumatic internal pipe clamp is an outward opening mechanism designed to apply a radial force out through the pipe.
  • During the welding of the pipe; it allows the two pipe ends to be connected, aligned and the pipes are held in the same axis.
  • This clamp has two independent force mechanisms actuated by two double acting pistons.
  • The internal radial force given to the cylinders provides a force against the outside to provide a radial linear movement of the mechanism and the alignment is formed.
  • The pneumatic internal pipe clamp does movement in the pipe manually or with the motor movement.
  • Manually / automatically adjusts the brake pads to the inner walls of the pipe to stop movement of the internal clamp in the pipe.
  • Clamps can be used to lay thousands of kilometers of pipelines even in the most challenging terrain.
  • All models can operate in terrain slopes and special production is made for different terrain conditions.
  • These models are suitable for pipes that which the pipe thickness is up to 18mm.



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